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"WOW! Superb delivery on a sensitive subject. Thank you."

-Participant, "Sexual Assault: Naming the Unnamed Conspirator."
Command Chief Master Sergeant Training Course,
Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, TX November 2016.

“Fantastic training. Best ever. Kept my attention at all times.”

-Participant, “Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview:
A Trauma Informed Experience.”
Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance Annual Training,
Keystone, CO October 2016.


“I think it was incredible! Anne Munch really kept the audience involved and interested. She made a long briefing feel almost not long enough because we were so in tuned and wanted more. I'm very thankful we had her as a speaker. Very fun and informative.”

- Participant, Altus AFB, OK March 2015

“I felt that this was the best SAPR briefing that I have EVER attended. Briefings to me are usually a drag and the same information all over again, just very repetitive. The Unnamed Conspirator was something else. The speaker was great with her presentation, she was passionate, she was emotionally involved, she had the presentation speak to the crowd. The audience felt a connection with it.”

- Participant, Altus AFB, OK March 2015

“10” “This was very helpful in documenting evidence – we have a case right now that this will directly impact.”

- Participant, Iowa State University
Conference on Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence;
Session Entitled, “Trauma as Evidence in Investigations,
Prosecutions and Trials”January 2015

“Excellent! I will be taking this piece and implementing it into my own interviewing and reporting on sexual assault in investigations.”

- Participant, Iowa State University
Conference on Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence;
Session Entitled, “Meeting the Consent Defense” January 2015


“The speaker, Anne Munch, was amazing. She really opened my eyes to the biases and effects they have on sexual assault. She was very passionate and was an excellent communicator.”

- Participant, United States Naval Academy
Graduating Mid-Shipman,
Annapolis MD January 2015


“Anne Munch is a captivating speaker who uses both humor and wit to engage her audience. She tackles difficult topics by using a practical approach designed to remind both the jury and ourselves of the dangers of stereotyping. I have had the pleasure of hearing Anne speak twice and would highly recommend her to anyone.”

- Participant, South Carolina Solicitors Conference,
Hilton Head, SC September 2014


“Great at articulating the complicated dynamics of consent and the lack of consent; engaging training.”

- Participant, EVAWI Conference 2014, Seattle WA April 2014

“Loved her! Excellent, fascinating speaker!”

-Participant, “Meeting the Consent Defense,” Shaw AFB, SC August 2013


"This was the best training I have ever attended!”

-Participant, “Naming the Unnamed Conspirator,” Buckley AFB, CO March 2013





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