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Meeting the Consent Defense

“Consent” is the most common and most successfully utilized defense in non-stranger sexual assault cases. Traditional practices of investigating and prosecuting sexual assault cases often overlook evidence and strategies that are critical to succeeding. Looking carefully at the legal as well as the common sense definitions of consent is a critical starting point for building successful investigations and prosecutions.

This workshop examines topics such as documenting and corroborating the lack of consent, understanding how trauma indicates non consent and affects victim reporting and victim behavior, and how alcohol and drugs affect the question of consent.

The workshop focuses on offender behavior and provides strategies for finding evidence of similar acts on the part of offenders. The course will be interactive and innovative, will include a combination of lecture, exercises and power point plus will provide participants with strategies they can use in their work. It is beneficial for all audiences but emphasizes information most pertinent to first responders including law enforcement, prosecutors and victim advocates.

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